My Life Lessons

We're all here for our souls to learn, but the learning never stops.
It is an on-going process - just like education.

To know ourselves spiritually means understanding why we joined in life with the souls of our parents, siblings, spouses and close friends. Remember, along with learning our own lessons, we come to earth to play a part in the drama of others' lessons as well.

These are unique to only the individual self and no two people will experience life lessons in the same manner.

Listed below are some of my recent lessons in life,
both of a soul nature and a personal aspect :

  • One of my big lessons, is to learn how to respond to upsets.
    If I come from my ego, then everything that happens which I don't like feels like a direct attack. However, if I live from my heart and my spirit, I will see that every upset with someone actually helps improve that relationship when I learn how to deal.
  • To respect other people's boundaries & their wishes.
    Even if I feel that other people's boundaries are unjustified, sometimes I need to sit back, take a deep breath and put my energy into something else for a while.
  • It's possible to have more than just 1 love over your lifetime.
  • Sex is more than just something that monogamous couples do in a fully committed relationship.
    The world of dating and casual sex ... sometimes, sex is just sex.
    Once in a relationship, there are also many ways for couples to "spice things up" - as long as it is agreed apon and defined within the boundaries of the relationship.
  • Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.
    a.) physical beauty - is subjective, and what is considered beautiful goes the full spectrum.
    b.) inner beauty - this is speaking about beauty of the soul itself, and often people that are superficial/self-centered/thoughtless lack the virtue of inner beauty.
  • To take control of situations - to "man up" so to speak.
    To play a more dominant role in each aspect of my life. Rather than letting people take advantage of my kind, generous nature. It's not so much as being a 'power player', but more so understanding that I have a say in matters (and not being afraid to use that voice) - as my thoughts, opinions and values matter equally as much.
  • All relationships require compromises on both sides at some stage.
    No matter whether the relationship be romantic, professional, family, etc.
  • To let go of any fears, and place my trust in the universe.
  • If I were to overlook current minor bad behaviour in an individual - I would set a precident where in a future relationship with the person, the pattern would continue.
    By setting standards and boundaries now - it shores up any future relationship ... the person understanding that I desire respect as another human being.
    As healthy relationships are all about give & take on both sides, not simply one person getting their way all the time.
  • Life itself, isn't a game. But there are many games played within it.
    Sometimes, we are drawn into other people's games whether we want to or not.
    And when it comes to matters of the heart, playing games inevitably means that someone will get hurt ... but sometimes both parties will lose out.
    It is especially disheartening, when someone has played games since as far back as 2006 ... when you look back : just how much time and energy has been wasted. Even if the person initially had good intentions to begin with - there is almost never a truly valid reason to enter into these sorts of situations. I'd imagine, that if it were possible to replay certain past events, we all would do things differently (myself included). Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    Playing games involves the darker, negative aspects to the human psyche : manipulation, lies, deceit ... it is more about protecting the ego, and far less about living from the heart (or listening to what your own soul is telling you).
  • It's pointless having a religious debate with someone, when the other person strongly and vehemently upholds their point of view having read no literature to back up their point of view.
    This certain debate has been going on since the start of 2011.
    I have a spiritual, but not religious point of view (that is, I believe in a spiritual realm, believe that there is something, but I don't know exactly what that something is). The other person has a very strong christian point of view (yet they are a non-practicing, non-observant christian).

    If this person would like to read some books on christianity, the bible, or perhaps speak to a practicing christian (as I have done) ... so that they will have some substance to back up their claim : that christianity is the absolute truth to the spiritual realm.
    Then perhaps we will continue this debate.

    I also strongly suggest that this particular person read SoulGrowth : christianity ... the entire 8 subsections contained within : Prelude + Basic Interpretation + Introduction + Critical Thinking + Where I Stand + What Is Spirituality? + Brief History Of Religion + Annotations.
    As well as SoulGrowth : true nature of reality. That website is a good starting point, to help you on your spiritual journey. It may perhaps, help you to overcome any irrational fears.

    I don't pretend to know everything ... yet, I have certainly spent much research, many years infact (even in the years prior to what happened in March/April 2011) delving into the spiritual aspect - so I do have a firm grasp on those topics that are discussed within the Soul Growth website.
    So please do show some respect as to the enormous amount of effort and research I have done.

    I would also like to mention to this person that, Christianity teaches people to be tolerant of all others faiths and all beliefs - even if someone may have a different view than you.
    I don't mind that you are Christian, but I'm not going to say that I'm a Christian just to please you.

It should be noted that, at a later point in life - sometimes we can still be tested on these lessons ... and if need be, experience the energy of that lesson again.

As different scenarios play out during our everyday life, it is wise to stop and think ...
"what lessons have I learned through having this experience?"